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We are were happy to serve the people involved in the creative division of our society. Just to be a part of the ecosystem enough of a boost to our moral. But we at Desi Stock Photos believe there is a much higher purpose that needs our attention. As part of our continued effort to not just do business, but to keep it clean and to facilitate some change, we have partnered with some charities that we believe are close to our hearts. You can donate your images to these charities in kind, by donating your images to them. Any and all proceeds that would have normally come to your account, will in case of these images be forwarded to these charities, transparently.

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Portrait Tips: Dramatic Light made simple

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A simple and impactful way to make a portrait is to position your subject next to a window and in front of a dark background. With the proper exposure, your subject’s face will stand out starkly against the dark background with dramatic light coming in from the side. This is probably my favorite kind of portrait. But there’s one key that will either make the portrait striking or bland.

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Sell your photos and create an alternate stream of revenue

The combination of Stocky and Easy Digital Downloads lets you create a marketplace to sell your digital goods in no time. With the addition of the Frontend Submissions extension, you can let anybody signup for your site and sell their items; with your approval of course. Stocky is also designed and ready for EDD Wish Lists, EDD Product Reviews, and EDD Variable Pricing Descriptions.

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